Not so sugar free holiday

15 Feb

I have been away from England and on holiday for just over a week and unfortunately my no sweets resolve has floundered slightly.  I introduced one piece of fruit a day back into my life the week before I came on holiday and have not been shy about eating all the lovely summer fruits in South Africa since I landed. Mangoes I love you.  Unfortunately I have also had some not so healthy treats – biscuits being the biggest culprit.  However, although I have succumbed to the occassional biscuit I haven’t purged like I would have before and I am pretty proud of that.

I think I have been pretty good at avoiding temptation.  This is what I have been faced with:

1. Biscuits (in heart shapes!) baked by my Step Mom

2. Rhubarb pie (be still my beating heart)

3. Valentine’s Toblerone

4. Chuckles in the supermarket (for non-South Africans reading think Maltesers but 10,000 times better).  I saw them, recognised their pull and carried on with a bag of almonds to the till instead.

Although I have eaten two of those biscuits and two small slices of the rhubarb the fact that there is still any left is a vast difference from the old me.  I have enjoyed eating these small and decided not to beat myself up with these indiscretions and just enjoy my holiday.  As long as I am not eating that whole bar of Toblerone or a whole bag of Chuckles I think I am doing well.

I will definitely be back on the sugar-free bandwagon after I return (okay after my birthday which is two days after I return).

Photos taken on my new android phone. Does anybody have any photo apps they use?


One Response to “Not so sugar free holiday”

  1. Linsey 15 February 2012 at 10:48 am #

    Well done, you’re so much better with willpower than I am!

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