More of the weekend

21 Feb

Also on the weekend I went to my siblings’ Valentine disco and I took photos of the occasion.  I have a twin brother and sister who are 12.  I don’t quite remember what I was like at 12 but these guys are pretty awesome. I also don’t remember if we had any dances in primary/junior school but I remember my first high school dance.  I wore a tie die dress. Yup I was cool.

I am pretty sure if I did have any dances in primary school there wouldn’t have been much of the boys and girls dancing together.  In fact I think they boys wouldn’t have being dancing at all.  But everyone got involved here.  The music was pretty awesome though.  I think half the DJ’s playlist was used when I was in school – Macarena anybody?

Do you remember your first dance? What did you wear? Did you dance the night away?

On another note, any tips on how you take photos in the dark when you can’t even see what is there in order to focus on something.  Or is that a stupid question and means that you shouldn’t be taking pictures anyway?


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