13 Mar

I have been pretty bad with taking photos on my holiday.  I suppose when things feel like home you don’t take too many photos.  Also I spent a lot of times just sitting and chilling with my grannies which didn’t involve too much photoworthy action.

I did take some photos of the wedding that I attended in Cape Town.  One of my best friend’s from school married her boyfriend of … a long time.  Possibly the most awesome wedding ever with giant jenga, table tennis, boules, alcoholic slushies, picnic blankets, popcorn and most importantly, heaps of love.  It was one of those days that reinforced your belief in love and what a beautiful thing it is to have.  Not just with a partner but with friends.  It was the first time (along with the hen party) that me and my three high school besties had been together for about six years!  It makes me miss them terribly but also reassuring to know that six years doesn’t dim the love of good friends.

Here are some of the flowers from the wedding, I think they will keep me going until summer arrives in England with their lovely colours.  Aren’t those king proteas (first flower) amazing?


One Response to “Flowers”

  1. Toni 15 March 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    Aaah thanks Chelle, such kind words :o)
    The flower shots look awesome!! The King Protea’s were definitely gorgeous
    x x

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