What 28 looked like

3 Apr

As mentioned yesterday was my birthday.  I thought I would take a picture journal of the day and though I didn’t capture everything I am glad I did it as it records a lovely day.  Mr is on holiday so we were able to spend the whole day together which was really good after being away for two months.

Breakfast 1: To keep my energy up until brunch.Bus ride from Waterloo to Shoreditch.  Oh London how I have missed you.The Book Club: the best type of cake for breakfast in this uber cool Shoreditch spot. Wondering around Shoreditch: Around Great Eastern St and Brick Lane with a stop in at the Blitz Department Store.  I could have spent a lot of money here but I behaved.Nordic Bakery for some hot chocolate and a rye roll with cheese and pickle.  And what better occasion to paint your nails gold then for your birthday?Hunger Games: I haven’t read the books but enjoyed the movie.A Turner-esque sky.

Uncaptured were the sad news that a lovely person and friend had passed away after a long battle with cancer.  In a way it made me appreciate the day even more and that I had the chance to share it with the man I love.  We also met the Housemate for dinner at our local Italian were we shared some champagne in celebration of a beautiful life and my birthday.


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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