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24 May

A thought on exercise

23 May

Working on my lettering.

Sunday along the Southbank

21 May

On Sunday T and I took a walk along the Southbank towards the Tate Modern to go and have a look at the Yayoi Kusama exhibit (more of which later).  These are just some photos I snapped while we wandered.

We walked from Waterloo Station towards the river between the Royal Festival Hall and the BFI.  I hadn’t spotted a series of mosaic pictures of ‘celebrities’ before.   I don’t know if I have just been unobservant and missed them or if they are new.  Anyone know?

We passed this rather dapper looking man looking at the books under the bridge.

Not a particularly interesting picture but not every day you see swans this far down on the Thames.

Someone had left a paper flower which I thought looked good with St Paul’s in the back.  And then I spotted the ladybird.

And then spotted the best grafitti I have ever seen in London.  I had my prime lense on so couldn’t zoom out to give you more setting to the picture.  Imagine a whole lot of bridge drawings to the left.  So funny.  I almost walked past without noticing but thought it seemed pretty strange when the word “Argos” caught my eye.

Busy week

18 May

Last course of my Masters. Lectures. Group Work. Staying awake until midnight. Twice. After course drinks. Brilliant future thinking.

Yup a good week though pretty tired now.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

It felt like spring today

13 May

The sun was shining.

I went for a jog.

I had grapefruit for breakfast.

Had my first asparagus of the year.

And went for a picnic in our local park.


Have you all had a good weekend?