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Happy Spring Day

1 Mar

For those in good ol’ England.  I hope the sun is shining and you have the opportunity to eat al fresco.


More of the weekend

21 Feb

Also on the weekend I went to my siblings’ Valentine disco and I took photos of the occasion.  I have a twin brother and sister who are 12.  I don’t quite remember what I was like at 12 but these guys are pretty awesome. I also don’t remember if we had any dances in primary/junior school but I remember my first high school dance.  I wore a tie die dress. Yup I was cool.

I am pretty sure if I did have any dances in primary school there wouldn’t have been much of the boys and girls dancing together.  In fact I think they boys wouldn’t have being dancing at all.  But everyone got involved here.  The music was pretty awesome though.  I think half the DJ’s playlist was used when I was in school – Macarena anybody?

Do you remember your first dance? What did you wear? Did you dance the night away?

On another note, any tips on how you take photos in the dark when you can’t even see what is there in order to focus on something.  Or is that a stupid question and means that you shouldn’t be taking pictures anyway?

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Hope you have a day full of love – whether from a partner or friends and family.


Winter Flowers

2 Feb

Last week was a toughy.  I bought myself some flowers to cheer myself up but then have been out at school leaving early and coming home late so I haven’t been able to enjoy them.  So I quickly took some photos this morning and before I ran out the house.  I got to the station just in time to squeeze through the doors as they shut, shew.  I don’t normally buy flowers but they are British and since I can’t comfort myself with sugar. Although I had a sneaky biscuit today when tea and biscuits were offered at a break.  Sitting in a university room without natural light for 7 hours, 6 hours sleep, running for the station and forgetting a purse at home will make a biscuit very tempting I will tell you.

Anyway, back to the flowers. I love how the middle one looks sort of ghost like.  And the bright spring colours. Definitely add a bit of cheer to the winter.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when days are tough?

A dose of feminism?

24 Jan

*Warning: Blog Content of a More Serious Nature*

So I was having a lazy Monday yesterday (after submitting my assignment) and thought I would watch some TV.  I came across a documentary about table dancers.  Now before you think I am weird it was on the BBC so I imagined it would at least be insightful (available until 4 February on iplayer if you are interested).

The show follows several women who work at a popular chain with about 600 to 1000 women on their “books”.  Two women are new to the business, one wants to be a primary school teacher and is saving money to move back to Romania so she can start a life there, the other is just young and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.  Then there are some who have been dancing for a while: one is a single mother (although now engaged), a university student, a world champion kick-boxer even.  Yes women from all walks of life become table dancers.  They all seemed to have told their families/loved ones and everyone seemed (perhaps to someone whose mother would die instantly from the shock) very calm about it.

Now I don’t want this to come out wrong but when one mother said about her daughter’s career choice “there is nothing wrong with it” everything in me shouted yes there is.  Now, I absolutely believe women have a right to choose to do whatever they want and if they want to be table dancers/pole dancers I take my hat off to them because wow you need to have some confidence to do that.  One of the woman even said she found it empowering.  What I find wrong  and just cannot reconcile in my head is that our society still says it is normal for your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/grandfather to go out and objectify women in such a fashion.  Now I know there are male strippers/dancers but (and I have no figures on this) I am pretty sure it is not in the same numbers.  And yes I have been to “ladies nights” in my wild youth so I will get off my high horse (though I must say I found the experiences more disturbing than anything else).

Is there not something wrong in our social conscience when it is okay for people to be price-tagged?  I am aware of the arguments about how women owning their sexuality is empowering etc, but wonder if by reducing ourselves to such caricatures we limit our potential and make it acceptable for that to be done it to continue.

This concept was reminiscent of a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a friend who has a friend who runs an escort agency. The question he asked is what we thought about it.  The conversation got pretty heated and really my problem is not with the choice these women have made but a deeper seated social issue. The fact that our society says it is okay to commodify sex and people in such a fashion I find incredibly concerning.  What does it mean when we value something as intimate and personal as our own bodies and the ability to share it with people (whether in love or lust) in terms of how much it costs an hour?

Also, even though there are consenting adults who get involved in the adult entertainment or sex trade I wonder to what extent the level to which it is generally condoned makes the trafficking of people easier.  According to the UN 2,5 million people are in forced labour due to trafficking at any given time with 43% being used for commercial sexual exploitation.

I would be really interested to hear what other people think about this.  Am I just being a prude? Is the “natural progression” of capitalism the commodification of our bodies for sexual gratification of others?  Would be interested to hear from any men hanging out there too.