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Thanks Mum

25 Jan

My Mum made me this gorgeous crochet blanket based on this one from Purlbee.  It is sooo snuggly and soft and warm it will be keeping us warm for many winters to come.  I would have made it myself of course but it would have taken many years while she is super fast.

Christmas cards

9 Dec

I don’t normally send Christmas cards as I imagine most people throw them away shortly after Christmas, which seems like a big waste.  I normally donate money to a charity of my choice and send a home-made e-card.  However my grannies aren’t that computer savvy so I normally send them a card.  This is my washi tape Christmas tree which I made for them.

I also made a card for a blogger card swap this year.  I embroidered a simple star and also crocheted a star decoration which I love.  I only made two levels to the star instead of three though.

Do you normally make cards?  I would love if you leave a link so I have some ideas for next year.

Craftacular Favourites

1 Dec

I mentioned that I went to the Bust Craftacular but didn’t buy much because I was trying to be good.  I did, however, pick up a lot of cards of some of my favourite items.  Here are my top three.

1. Bonbi Forest  |  2. Nylon Sky |  3. A Alicia

This is the necklace that I bought from Lucie Ellen.  I love that it is really unique. Can’t get that many bits from a plate/cup can you?

Addicted to the hook

29 Nov

Who would have thought it has only been 4 months since I learnt to crochet.  What was my life before?

My latest project is a granny square blanket.  Though I wanted to go very simple and classic so I am just doing the centre ring in a colour and then the outer rows in “parchment”.  The yarn is a 100% acrylic DK from Stylecraft called Special.  It is really soft and lovely.  Here is my progress so far.

I am calling it the Louis Vuitton blanket as my boyfriend said it had a similar concept to their multicolore style.

The Weekend

28 Nov

On Sunday I met with Jessica and Siobhan for a wander around the Bust Craftacular.

We hadn’t met before, and though there is a sense of weirdness about meeting “strangers” who actually know a lot about you, we got on really well and had lots to chat about.

We had a good time wondering around the Fair.  Luckily I had only drawn a little bit of money otherwise I would have been broke.  I did, however, treat myself to a lovely necklace from Lucie Ellen (which I will share another day).

We also wondered down the road to The Create Place which was having a little pop up shop.  They had decorated the shop brilliantly with lots of ideas that you could create at home.  My favourite was a chain made from knitted fabric (this was actually an old John Lewis christmas decoration) but would be easy enough to make with some old sweaters.  I also loved their pompom wreath.

I also had an amazing giant falafel wrap from The Gallery Cafe which I highly recommend.