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Brisbane at Night

23 Mar

The other night we went out for dinner and wandered along the South Bank of the Brisbane River and then went to a look out point in one of the hills to get an overview of the city.  Just having driven around with my friends’ I can say that it is really spread out, the mountain view confirmed this.



13 Mar

I have been pretty bad with taking photos on my holiday.  I suppose when things feel like home you don’t take too many photos.  Also I spent a lot of times just sitting and chilling with my grannies which didn’t involve too much photoworthy action.

I did take some photos of the wedding that I attended in Cape Town.  One of my best friend’s from school married her boyfriend of … a long time.  Possibly the most awesome wedding ever with giant jenga, table tennis, boules, alcoholic slushies, picnic blankets, popcorn and most importantly, heaps of love.  It was one of those days that reinforced your belief in love and what a beautiful thing it is to have.  Not just with a partner but with friends.  It was the first time (along with the hen party) that me and my three high school besties had been together for about six years!  It makes me miss them terribly but also reassuring to know that six years doesn’t dim the love of good friends.

Here are some of the flowers from the wedding, I think they will keep me going until summer arrives in England with their lovely colours.  Aren’t those king proteas (first flower) amazing?

I miss being by the sea

23 Feb

Although I have never been a fan of swimming in the sea (you wouldn’t either with the chilly Cape Town waters), I have always loved living by the sea.  On my holiday so far, aside from sailing I have also been taking other little trips to the sea.

The day after I arrived my Grandparents took me for a little drive around Cape Point and we stopped at Boulders Beach (well the parking lot at least as you now have to pay to get to the beach).  It is quite famous for having penguins.

My Dad also leaves in a seaside town (although the house is in the mountains).  Last weekend when we went for a walk along the beach.

While we were walking we saw a snake which seemed to be heading straight for the water.

The waves also made a lovely pattern on the sand.  There goes that Mother Nature again showing off.

More of the weekend

21 Feb

Also on the weekend I went to my siblings’ Valentine disco and I took photos of the occasion.  I have a twin brother and sister who are 12.  I don’t quite remember what I was like at 12 but these guys are pretty awesome. I also don’t remember if we had any dances in primary/junior school but I remember my first high school dance.  I wore a tie die dress. Yup I was cool.

I am pretty sure if I did have any dances in primary school there wouldn’t have been much of the boys and girls dancing together.  In fact I think they boys wouldn’t have being dancing at all.  But everyone got involved here.  The music was pretty awesome though.  I think half the DJ’s playlist was used when I was in school – Macarena anybody?

Do you remember your first dance? What did you wear? Did you dance the night away?

On another note, any tips on how you take photos in the dark when you can’t even see what is there in order to focus on something.  Or is that a stupid question and means that you shouldn’t be taking pictures anyway?

Winter Flowers

2 Feb

Last week was a toughy.  I bought myself some flowers to cheer myself up but then have been out at school leaving early and coming home late so I haven’t been able to enjoy them.  So I quickly took some photos this morning and before I ran out the house.  I got to the station just in time to squeeze through the doors as they shut, shew.  I don’t normally buy flowers but they are British and since I can’t comfort myself with sugar. Although I had a sneaky biscuit today when tea and biscuits were offered at a break.  Sitting in a university room without natural light for 7 hours, 6 hours sleep, running for the station and forgetting a purse at home will make a biscuit very tempting I will tell you.

Anyway, back to the flowers. I love how the middle one looks sort of ghost like.  And the bright spring colours. Definitely add a bit of cheer to the winter.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when days are tough?