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17 Apr

Saturday was a pretty chilled out didn’t do too much day.

Sunday I met some of my girlfriends for brunch and then toddled off to the Capital Carboot in Pimlico.  My main mission was to find work clothes for any temp administrative work that I might get.  And boy did I strike it lucky.

First up I got this navy Gap blazer which looks pretty unworn and this Miss Selfridge sheer blouse still with tags.

Then this amazing neon pink blaze.  I really love this it has no buttons and there is no collar with slightly ruched shoulders.  I think it might be silk or at least fake looking silk.  I think it would look great with a black jumper and black skinny trousers like this.

Then I picked up this jumper (which is by Jenni Button, a South African designer) and a Gap dress for £1.  I wasn’t sure it would fit and it is actually the top rather than the bottom which isn’t quite right and I might see about taking it to a tailor.  Anybody used a tailor before?  I have no idea how much it would cost.

Then once I had decided that I had spent enough (about £12!) I happened upon someone eyeing out a rug which I promptly picked up as soon as they had put it down, measured it with a measuring tape that was also for sale on the stand and walked away with this large Marks and Spencers, machine washable rug for £10!  It has a small stain but I think it shall go under the dinner table and then I won’t notice it so much.

It is a bit wrinkly now – do you think I can iron it?  It is 100% cotton so don’t see why not…


Charity shop jug

14 Apr

You know when you are broke and shouldn’t buy anything and then you buy something totally impractical?

I picked it up in one of my local charity shops.  Its marking is a really light imprint which seems to say ‘MEAKIN ENGLAND’.  When I first picked it up I thought that I might ‘upcycle’ it a la Esther Coombs but with much simpler drawings.  Though I imagine this might be considered sacrilegious to some.  What do you think?

These make me ridiculously happy

5 Dec

I know that shopping doesn’t make you happy.  I have experienced enough buyers remorse in my life to know that it can make you pretty stressed at times and I have some purchases which make me wonder if I had momentarily lost my mind.

That said, I saw these two plates in a charity shop on Thursday.  I held them for about five minutes before putting them down and leaving.  They are hideous-gorgeous.   I didn’t really need them.  I decided if they were there the next day I would get them – thinking on it is always a good move.

The next day I popped in on my way home from Uni and the plates were still there!  I quickly picked them up and paid for them.

As a vegetarian this is the only way I am going to have a turkey on my plate for Christmas! (haha that cracks me up).

Terribly sad but every time I see them I smile if not actually laugh spontaneously.   I think that is my goal for all future purchases.

We also bought another chair from the Wimbledon carboot on Saturday.  We now have 4 chairs around the dining table.  Time for a dinner party (which is actually happening tonight with some new uni friends coming around for dinner).

Seeing pink

10 Aug

On Sunday I went to the Pimlico carboot again.  The day started off sunny but then it started bucketing down with rain and we had to cut the day short.  I did however, nab a few items.  For some reason everything was pink.

I started with these two ice-cream bowls (1) because, you know, I just love ice-cream.  At the same stall I also picked up this little ‘sugar bowl’ (3).  As mentioned before I am trying to make a whole tea-set collection and I thought that even though this didn’t look like your typical sugar bowl I could use it as one until I find something else.  This seems more like a jam bowl.  Does that even exist?

I hit the jackpot with a set of Cath Kidson glasses (2). 6 wine glasses (which I think would be perfectly suited to sundae eating) and 6 tumblers.  They are pink but T will just have to live with them.  All for the perfectly reasonable price of £10.

I the “clothing department” I came across this howies top (4) which would be perfect for my holiday.  It was a little pricier then my last clothing bargains at £4 but the lady selling said she hadn’t even worn it.  And it is an ethical brand which is normally slightly pricey so I thought it was still a good deal.

Also, in my usual fashion I picked up something for T so I wouldn’t feel so guilty about buying things.  I found these amazing postcards from the 1980s by Michael Barson which are reproductions of movie posters from the 1940s and 50s.  Some of them seem painfully relevant at the current time though.

Don’t they look great? I wonder if I could find any of these?

Vintage Market

26 Jul

On Sunday I went girly shopping with some friends at a Pop Up Vintage Fair in St Stephen’s church in Hampstead.  It is a really lovely church and was decorated so beautifully. There was a great little group of singers all styled in 40s hair and make-up singing classics from the decade and a little teashop with cupcakes.  They had peanut butter cupcakes – enough said.  There are a couple more fairs this year (although some are in the Belsize Park town hall) and I would definitely recommend going.

I could have spent hundreds of pounds here.  Things obviously weren’t as cheap as a car boot but were lovingly found and cared for pieces.  I found my wedding dress (no I am not getting married) –  a beautiful seventies ivory chiffon number with beaded sleeves and a layered top with a halter neck over for just £60. I should have got it.  Also if I was about a stone lighter I would have picked up a gorgeous ’50s bathing costume.  A one piece in deep blue with a plunging halter top.  It would have been perfect for Croatia.  I think I will dream about these two pieces for a while.

What I did get was this tea set (6 cups and saucers) to add to my tea collection.  A treat from my lovely mum.  They are pretty tiny and I imagine only about a third of a mug of tea.  I just need a teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug and I will have all I need to host an intimate tea party for six.

Also, the moment I walked in the door there was a table of vintage fabric.  Although only a day or two before I had said that I wouldn’t buy anymore fabric until I had used the bits I have I just had to get this amazing safari fabric with zebras on.

It is only 2oocm x 80cm so I have to be very careful with what I do with it.  I initially thought a shift type dress but this is what I am currently thinking.  Although with hidden pockets otherwise it might look too busy.  Or do you think buttons would make it look fussy with the fabric?  Although because it is only 80 cm wide (the pattern goes down with the longer length) it would need to be in three panels.  What do you think?