Life List

In my blog-reading I have recently come across The Mighty Life List on Mighty Girl: 1oo things to do before I go.  I love the idea of it and thought Mighty Girl wouldn’t mind if I adopted the idea myself.

So here is the life list (a work in progress):

  1. Go to Cuba (preferably before Castro dies – or at least before they admit he is dead, I am sure he is dead but they just like to keep up the pretence)
  2. Live in at least two other cities/countries
  3. Really learn how to use my camera, all the knobs and whistles (I wouldn’t say I am an expert but definitely much improved)
  4. Learn Italian and Spanish (at least conversational)
  5. Have a luxurious picnic in a park, with a picnic basket, a Cath Kidson inspired picnic blanket, real vintage tea cups and stylish attire
  6. Learn restraint: give up chocolate for a month; give up buying new clothes for a year
  7. Take a road trip across America
  8. Learn to tango
  9. Have a job that makes a difference
  10. Be generous to a stranger
  11. Do a 50s style pin-up photo shoot
  12. Make an amazing quilt
  13. Sell a photograph
  14. Own a classic designer piece of clothing
  15. Go to the opera at the Met
  16. See the Bolshoi Ballet
  17. See the aurora borealis
  18. Stay in a castle
  19. Celebrate carnival in Trinidad
  20. See New York in Autumn
  21. See South America from the Panama Canal to Tierra del Fuego
  22. Take a train ride in India
  23. Go on the Trans-Siberian Express
  24. Dress up at Venice Carnival
  25. Grow my own food
  26. Live in an eco-home
  27. Finish my masters
  28. Spend a day at the seaside (British Style)
  29. Learn to make amazing bread
  30. Live in a commune/collective/cooperative (preferably in Italy)
  31. Create a photo album of London
  32. Learn to do awesome make-up on myself
  33. Try life as a red-head (I am sure they have more fun then blondes even) Wasn’t as red as planned but not so easy with the natural stuff
  34. Stay at the Ace Hotel (it just looks so uber cool)
  35. Throw the most awesome party ever (repeat often)
  36. Have a Martha Stewart Christmas
  37. Be a godmother
  38. Stay in a a treehouse
  39. Be involved in some development / environmental work in Africa
  40. Throw a love party (sounds weird so let me explain. I am not planning on getting married but I would still like a way of sharing the amazingness of the love I have with friends and family)
  41. Go to the Guggenheim and the Hermitage
  42. Eat the world’s best brownie
  43. Learn to make gelato (preferably from an Italian artisan gelato maker)
  44. Read The Guardian’s top 100 books of all time
  45. Go on a greyhound bus
  46. Win at the horses
  47. Visit a working monastary (of any faith)
  48. Adopt a child
  49. Make my own jam from fruit harvested by me
  50. Look across the Giant’s Causeway
  51. Do a 365 photo project
  52. Have a girl’s weekend with all the amazing women in my life (currently spread over 3 continents)
  53. Make NEF’s 21 hour working week a reality in my life and become a master in the art of enoughness
  54. Design and sew a beautiful summer dress
  55. Make the best peanut butter cookies
  56. Take photographs of the daffodils in Cambridge
  57. Wear a trilby in Casablanca and talk about a hill of beans
  58. Catch a fire-fly in a jar (release it afterwards of course)
  59. Have high-tea in five London establishments
  60. Spend time on a yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean
  61. Go on a cruise along the Fjords
  62. Live for a month without spending money
  63. Live in a house with a swing on the porch
  64. Spend at least a week in a cabin with fire while it is snowing outside
  65. Take my little brother and sister on a tour of London
  66. Take a Jack-the-Ripper tour
  67. Enter a photography competition
  68. Inspire 10 people to do something amazing
  69. Experience a day with the midnight sun
  70. See the Moai on Rapa Nui
  71. Have professional photos of me and T taken
  72. Go to a music festival
  73. Have my mom’s engagement ring reset
  74. Go to the Floating Lanterns Festival (Loy Krathong) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One Response to “Life List”

  1. Victoria Bolton 11 June 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    What a great list! I have some of the same wishes as you do. And, I’ve done 12 of the things on your list. I highly recommend learning to tango; it’s so much fun. I found your blog on Watercolor Bliss. Thanks for sharing your link.

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