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Great British Blogger: That In Ink Black

5 Aug

I have a Great British Blogger for you today.

Claire from That In Ink Black is a fairly new blogger who hails from Edinburgh (a city on my list to see).  In a similar fashion to me, Claire had been reading other people’s blogs for a while and was stuck at home (trying to book festival tickets) when she decided to start her own adventure in blog land. She writes about environmental issues and life in Edinburgh as well as sharing recipes and favourite music.  So below is a bit of an introduction you can read before heading on over to her blog to get to know her better.  I look forward to reading more …

What part of Edinburgh would you most align with your own personality and why?
I grew up in a safe suburb of Edinburgh where nothing happens and you’d struggle to buy a pint of milk without getting in the car, but it’s surrounded by woodlands for dog-walking and I still call it home even though I in no way align it with my lifestyle anymore. I’ve only recently moved back to Edinburgh after six years in Glasgow, London and Oxford, and this is the first time I’ve had my own place in the city, a rented flat down a close off the Royal Mile. My flatmate feels like home (isn’t it brilliant when you find someone like that?), but the area we’re in is so central there’s no sense of community. So I’ve been thinking about where’s next and struggling to choose between two very different areas that fit different parts of my personality. Leith used to be rough (did you see ‘Trainspotting’?) but it’s on the up and there’s loads of cool bars, gig venues, Michelin star restaurants, and environmental awareness. Leith is for having fun and going out, and I want that some days. Stockbridge is the essence of Edinburgh – it’s a bit fusty, a bit snooty and absolutely gorgeous. The charity shops are unbeatable, there are second-hand bookshops, an enormous park right next to the Botanic Gardens, allotments, a farmers’ market and cafes. Stockbridge is for drinking cups of tea and going for walks with friends, and I want that some days. Our current lease ends in four weeks so I’d better get a move on deciding where I want to be…  

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?
I have been a little bit obsessed with Alasdair Gray for about four years now. He’s a 77 year old Glaswegian polymath who wrote the most incredible novel, ‘Lanark’, and is a prolific artist. His work is full of dark lines, odd angles, colours, typography and the people and places he loves. I was given his autobiography ‘A Life in Pictures’ for Christmas and saw the first big retrospective of his art at the Tablot Rice Gallery in the spring, and both hammered home that each picture is great but it’s the sum total of his work which is so impressive. He’s stuck with the style that feels right for him for five decades, even when it was out of fashion and made him no money whatsoever.

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?
As a treat I’d have a lie in, then put on my favourite purple tea dress (which because it’s a perfect day wouldn’t be falling apart anymore). First I’d meet my family to go to one of the many beaches in Edinburgh, maybe Cramond to the West or Portobello to the East, and have a play in the sea and a warming cup of tea. For lunch I’d grab a close friend and go to The Kitchin, a Michelin star restaurant on the Shore in Leith which offers three courses of the most incredible Scottish food for £25, plus we’d get a cracking glass of wine each. After that we’d walk for miles along the Water of Leith, spotting the Antony Gormley statues and maybe stopping off at the Botanics, until we reached the Dean and Modern Art Galleries for a quick gander. Then we’d go to the Traverse Theatre to see a new play, before meeting more friends for a late potluck dinner in someone’s flat. Everyone would drink tonnes of wine and eventually we’d all be singing into the empty bottles and dancing in the kitchen. 


Thanks for stopping by Claire, and good luck with the move.

Photo source: Louise from Simplicity Phototraphy