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Things I am afraid to say

3 May

Have you come across the inspiring post by Ez of Creature Comforts about keeping things a bit more real on the blog front?  The premiss is basically that sometimes the blog world is just a bit too pretty and even though bloggers do not intentionally ‘lie’ about their perfect lives, the impression one may get is that they are indeed perfect.  I thought Ez and the others who joined in were all pretty inspiring and thought I would share too.  Some of these things I haven’t even shared with my ‘real’ people or even aloud to myself so this is doubly scary.  It is kind of

In no particular order:

  1. As you can tell I keep my flowers way past their best.
  2. I worry that my dreams are too unrealistic and that they will not come to pass.  It terrifies me.  I have a long list.  Should I settle for one?
  3. I think I’m a giant hypocrite because I want to be a great environmentalist who lives a minimalist sort of life but I lust after an exorbitant amount of stuff, like camera bags, gorgeous throws, beautiful furniture, pretty plates, etc
  4. When I was young (as in high school) I used to be far too concerned about my future wrinkles.  In my late teens and early twenties I got over it.  However, I am now disturbed that I am getting some of those wrinkles, however feint they are, because they remind me that I don’t have forever to make all those dreams (mentioned above) happen.
  5. I really quite  like the idea of being married although I have denied it to friends and family for quite some time and have no logical explanation as to why I do want to be married.  I don’t want a “wedding” or an engagement ring but I would like pictures to show to somebody when I am old.
  6. I am the world’s worst procrastinator and get terribly depressed when I don’t accomplish anything and then achieve nothing and then there is a vicious cycle.
  7. Sometimes I feel really lonely.

Ooh think that is all the real I can take for one day. And, to end on a more positive note, even though these thoughts happen in the dark corners of my mind I am mostly super grateful for the people and life i have.

If you take this up I would love you to link back.