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Great British Blogger: Anamu

21 Jul

Great British Blogger time again (I feel like it needs a theme tune, any suggestions?)

This week we have Ana Maria from Anamu (a nickname her friends call her).  I had the pleasure of meeting Ana Maria at Blognic a few weeks back and went to find her website on my arrival home to discover some gorgeous photos and great writing.  A great lifestyle blog which covers home, travel and even a bit of DIY.  A bit of a cheat, Ana Maria is actually only a visitor to these shores, hailing from LA, but she is making short work of discovering all that London and the South East has to offer and thought it would be good to share this resource.  She also uses her love of vintage shopping to find scarves that she makes in to bags – she hasn’t set up shop in London but maybe you guys can convince her she should.

Check out what she has to say about her current home and then head on over to her blog and drool over some lovely photos.

What part of London would you most align with your own personality and why?

Back in LA I spent most of my time all over the city simply because I loved and enjoyed different parts of it from nitty-gritty downtown to the charming suburbs. I think I’ve brought that outlook with me to London by being open to all of the different neighborhoods and flavors that the city has to offer. My boyfriend and I currently live in Maida Vale on the west end and I love the tree-lined streets, little cafe’s and shops, and being next to the canal in Little Venice. It suits the homebody and quiet side of me but we do leave our postal code more often than not. Though on most weekends we try to travel within South England or to another country (London is the perfect launch-pad to Europe!) I do want to explore more of the east end. I mean, I was told that I look like I live there by a shop girl at Old Spitalfields. It must have been the thick rimmed glasses I usually wear…very hipster-esque, I suppose.

Perhaps in a year or two I’ll feel extra connected to one area over another but for now, I’m kind of liking being a “mid-ender” – yep, that’s what I’m going to call it. Neither west or east, or north or south. I’ll take all of London 🙂

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?

Soon after I arrived I learned about a sample sale for Chinti & Parker via Daily Candy London. I bought a striped dress (that I’ve already worn to death) but I’ve been drooling over their cashmere sweaters ever since. Not only are they buttery  soft and perfect for keeping warm during cold London days, but they are Fair Trade and the company’s overall philosophy of being the opposite of fast-fashion is right up my alley. I’m definitely saving my pennies to add one of their pieces to my wardrobe this fall.

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?

I’d really love to find the perfect country-side cottage that my boyfriend and I can call home for a weekend. One that is in or close to a quaint town that has just enough cafe’s, shops, and restaurants to keep us entertained for an afternoon. Then we’d retreat back to the cottage, hang out by the fire place and cook a nice dinner. We’d also rent bikes and cycle along a little creek or fields of grass/flowers and then picnic under a beautiful [insert big country-side tree here]. I’ve only passed through the country-side via high-speed trains so if you couldn’t already tell, I’m totally making the scenario up…am I close to describing something that actually exists? Haha. Anyway…I’d love to experience the quieter side of England. Let me know if you have any good tips!


Thanks for stopping by Ana Maria.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for another Chinti and Parker sample sale.  And love the concept of a “mid-ender”.  So often we define ourselves by what part of London we are from and this is so much more inclusive.

Photo courtesy of Ana Maria

Great British Bloggers: Mathilde heart Manech

14 Jul

It has been a few weeks but I have another Great British Blogger for you.

As a bit of a nosy parker lifestyle blogs are right up my alley because it gets me to peek inside somebodies life without being called rude (they are the ones sharing right?).

Lisa from Mathilde ♥ Manech is a fairly new blogger to me, although she is coming up to a first blog-birthday.  She covers a mix of craftiness and thrifting and has a regular tote feature (everybody loves a good tote right?).  In exploring Great British Bloggers I also want to highlight bloggers who live beyond the M25 (for non-UK readers that is the sort of boundary for London). Lisa is from a town in Yorkshire called Hebden Bridge (see Lisa’s picture below – it looks so quaint and is now on my places to go).

The only thing I know about Yorkshire is … a tea brand comes from there?  Awful knowledge of British history I know.  T has just informed me it is also the biggest county in the UK too (he is so smart).  Anyway, Mathilde ♥ Manech is a great blog so go check it out, if only to find out about other bits of the island.

What part of Hebden Bridge would you most align with your own personality and why?
I’m nostalgic, imaginative and a big dreamer so I guess I would have to align myself with Hebden’s creative side. Its crafters, artists, musicians and writers make the town it is today; a diverse, creative and cosmopolitan market town. It’s also close to the Moors and Bronte country so the romantic in me feels a certain affinity to this part of the world…I’m such a sap!

Who is your current favourite British designer/artist?
Kate Kanzier. I’m a brogue girl so adore this London based (online too) shoe shop for brogues, wedges and other such delights. Go take a peep!

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?
It would begin in a town I’ve never been to before (I love discovering new places) with a cup of tea and a croissant. Followed by some charity, antique, craft and book shopping, a couple of gin and tonics with the boyfriend and a visit to an art gallery/museum.  I’d finish the day in the pub (mmm pub grub) listening to early 90’s music with a bottle of red. In my perfect world this town would be by the sea, and we’d go for a midnight stroll, skimming a few stones. Perfect!


Thanks to Lisa.

Photo courtesy of Lisa

Great British Blogger: Style Anthro

23 Jun

I have another Great British Blogger for you today.

Catherine of Style Anthro entered the world of blogging shortly after me and so I feel a certain afinity with her.  I really love the style of her blog which approaches life and fashion from the perspective of an anthropology graduate.  She knows some cool people like this friend who made a coat-tent (yes you read that right), takes you on a tour of her week with her field notes segment and gives a bit of fashion insight from a perspective that I think is unique in a world drenched in fashion blogs.  Plus she has the cutest bunny I have ever seen.  So check out her interview and then go take a trip over to her blog.

What part of your city, London would you most align with your own personality and why?
I would probably associate myself with Notting Hill. Quintissentially British, with a twist! I love the mix of quirky shops and little cafes, and am generally drawn to small things with lots of character. I often have people telling me I’m ‘too cute’, in that everything I buy or make is always super girly and in miniature form, and a bit whimsical. Notting Hill is like that with it’s tucked away corners and the Portobello Market, but there is also a side to it that is a little bit gritty and unpolished.

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?
I love Rob Ryan. I know it seems like an obvious answer, but that is just his allure! I love how romantic and charming his pieces are, but in a subtle way. I think that’s what makes him very British – that the statements he makes with his work are never over the top declarations of passion, but promises of long lasting love. I also like the fact that he is a big hairy guy doing super-intricate papercuts, and that his wife has said, in response to being asked what it’s like to live with Britain’s most romantic man, that he’s just Rob to her. My favourite British designer is whoever is behind the design team at Liberty’s, and also Tricia Guild, who does chintzy florals and pretty prints that are perfect for sprucing up a tired room.

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?
Recently I’ve become very low key and just happy to potter about down my side of London. When I lived in Archway (North London) I would have said my perfect day would be heading to Columbia Road in the East End for the Sunday flower market and, of course, checking out Ryantown (Rob Ryan’s shop) and all the little crafty boutiques there. But now that I’m happily settled back at home with my parents in Richmond, I rarely venture north of the river! My perfect day down this end of town would be nipping to Clapham to have a browse around the Northcote Road, then head to Cote in Richmond for Sunday brunch (they do my favourite Eggs Benedict) and have a cocktail down on the riverbank, before heading home for tea and cake in the garden with my mum.

What is something we might not know about you?
I work in fashion, but I am desperate to work in a museum! I really miss learning, and find myself rereading essays from my Social Anthropology degree. My perfect job would be working at the Fashion & Textiles Museum or the Design Museum, where I would ultimately get the best of both worlds!


Thanks for stopping by Catherine and good luck with future job hunting.

Photos courtesy of Catherine.

Great British Blogger: Knitting on Trains

16 Jun

This week’s Great British Blogger is Jessica from Knitting on Trains.  Jessica is attempting to live a “Good Life” while living and working in London and studying and if her vegetable garden is anything to go by she is doing a pretty amazing job.  As the blog name suggests Jessica is an enthusiastic crafter which pushes my own desire to pick up a crochet hook or knitting needle.  On top of all this Jessica posts some yummy recipes (especially some homemade lunch recipes which are great for taking to work to save a few bobs) and takes lovely photos.  These are some awesome pictures of the Great British seaside taken on her lomo camera.

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?

This is probably a bit unoriginal but at the moment by favourite British designer /artist is probably Rob Ryan. If I were much richer I’d be lining my walls with his beautiful intricate paper-cuts, but until that day I make do with visiting Ryantown on Columbia Road and ogling all the pretty things for sale.

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?

My perfect British day would have to start with a luxurious breakfast of scrambled eggs, seedy toast and proper coffee whilst reading the weekend papers (or, more honestly, the glossy bits) and failing at the crossword. After that I’d probably wander down to Broadway Market in London fields for a poke around and a bit of trendy dog-spotting (a pug sighting can literally make my day). If I was feeling lazy I’d stay in the East and maybe visit the animals at Hackney City Farm, but if I had the energy I’d skip across town to the V&A for a bit of culture and scones in the beautiful café.


Thanks Jessica.  I love Rob Ryan’s work too.  Papercut is an amazing art form which I wish I could do.  I think I will also need to invest in one of those lomo cameras – genius.

Photos courtesy of Jessica.