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Great British Bloggers: Mathilde heart Manech

14 Jul

It has been a few weeks but I have another Great British Blogger for you.

As a bit of a nosy parker lifestyle blogs are right up my alley because it gets me to peek inside somebodies life without being called rude (they are the ones sharing right?).

Lisa from Mathilde ♥ Manech is a fairly new blogger to me, although she is coming up to a first blog-birthday.  She covers a mix of craftiness and thrifting and has a regular tote feature (everybody loves a good tote right?).  In exploring Great British Bloggers I also want to highlight bloggers who live beyond the M25 (for non-UK readers that is the sort of boundary for London). Lisa is from a town in Yorkshire called Hebden Bridge (see Lisa’s picture below – it looks so quaint and is now on my places to go).

The only thing I know about Yorkshire is … a tea brand comes from there?  Awful knowledge of British history I know.  T has just informed me it is also the biggest county in the UK too (he is so smart).  Anyway, Mathilde ♥ Manech is a great blog so go check it out, if only to find out about other bits of the island.

What part of Hebden Bridge would you most align with your own personality and why?
I’m nostalgic, imaginative and a big dreamer so I guess I would have to align myself with Hebden’s creative side. Its crafters, artists, musicians and writers make the town it is today; a diverse, creative and cosmopolitan market town. It’s also close to the Moors and Bronte country so the romantic in me feels a certain affinity to this part of the world…I’m such a sap!

Who is your current favourite British designer/artist?
Kate Kanzier. I’m a brogue girl so adore this London based (online too) shoe shop for brogues, wedges and other such delights. Go take a peep!

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?
It would begin in a town I’ve never been to before (I love discovering new places) with a cup of tea and a croissant. Followed by some charity, antique, craft and book shopping, a couple of gin and tonics with the boyfriend and a visit to an art gallery/museum.  I’d finish the day in the pub (mmm pub grub) listening to early 90’s music with a bottle of red. In my perfect world this town would be by the sea, and we’d go for a midnight stroll, skimming a few stones. Perfect!


Thanks to Lisa.

Photo courtesy of Lisa