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Great British Blogger: Decorater’s Notebook

8 Dec

It has been a long time but here is another in my Great British Blogger series (be sure to check out the rest if you haven’t already).

The Decorator’s Notebook is a fairly new blog but has fast become one of my favourite design and interiors focused blogs.  Bonus? The Decorator is British.  In a blogosphere inundated with interior bloggers she somehow finds rooms which haven’t yet been seen a hundred times and has a curator’s eye, bringing together unique arrangements of items.  I am currently enjoying her pinterest A-Z series.  She also offers useful tutorials and little visits around her home which is of course impeccable although in typical interior bloggers style constantly being worked on.  Of course we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Find out more about The Decorator below before heading on over to her blog.

What part of London would you most align with your own personality and why?

I’m a country bumpkin making my way in the big smoke so I’m always seeking out the green bits of the A-Z. I live on the edge of Crystal Palace Park and the area suits me perfectly. It’s great to be able to wander through the leafy park to the famous Victorian dinosaurs and I love the relaxed buzz around the Crystal Palace triangle. It’s not the smartest area of the capital but there seems to be a new gastro pub, antiques shop (the zany market on Haynes Lane is not to be missed) or independent café opening every couple of weeks at the moment so it’s definitely on the up!

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?

That’s a toughie, but I recently bought a screenprint by Angie Lewin at the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition in Shoreditch so she’d be pretty high on my list. I love how she takes natural motifs like seedpods, feathers and leaves and gives them a graphic twist. Her colour palette of Midcentury-inspired colours is gorgeous too. And of course anyone who’s designed fabrics for Liberty is going to be a bit of an idol of mine!

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?

It would definitely involve a rural getaway with friends… the idyllic Isles of Scilly (off the coast of Cornwall) are my favourite place in all the world. We’d take an early morning boat to Tresco, wander along to the white, sandy Pentle Beach to collect shells, enjoy a picnic lunch and have a paddle before walking back over the heath to the pub for a cold gin and tonic in the sun. The perfect evening would involve a campfire, a barbeque (with some freshly caught mackerel if we can get hold of some) and a long night of chatter and laughter. Bliss!


Thanks to the Decorator for stopping by.  I will have to visit Crystal Palace one of these days.

Photo courtesy of the Decorator’s Notebook, a peak into her dining area.

Painting wood?

16 Sep

Okay so have a flat to move into now at the end of the month so the next few weeks might have a bit of an overdose of interiors inspiration.  Tell me if it bores you.

So we are going to be getting a lot of secondhand furniture and I think a great way to pull those all together are by painting the “mismatched” wood.  As the walls are white in our bedroom I am thinking of painting it a light dove grey, maybe white in the lounge?  That will have to be open to negotiation with The Housemate.

Here is some inspiration

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 & 4

So from that …

I picked up this table the other day from the street (thank you kind neighbour) which I am going to use as a desk in our bedroom.  It needs a bit of sanding but big question … should I paint the legs grey? The whole thing grey?  The wood does have a nice colour…  Or is it a wait until we get the rest of our furniture and decide?

Sorry running late and had my fixed lense on but you get the idea of what it looks like no?

Washi tape

13 Sep

So we are supposed to be moving house at the end of the month.  No we don’t have a place yet, that is not an important part of the equation.  Oh wait it is (yes that is slight panic you can hear in my tone).

Anyway … as renters you can’t stick hundreds of things on the wall.  I want to stick hundreds of things on the wall.

Enter washi tape.  I think I am going to have to buy a couple rolls to do a couple amazing displays like these.

Have you ever used it?  I am guessing by how often I have seen it that it doesn’t damage the wall?

Any other decorating ideas for renters?

Sources: click images to go to websites

The great flat hunt

9 Sep

We are doing some flat hunting this weekend.  T and I decided to move in with a friend while I am studying to try and save some money.  Fingers crossed we will find something tomorrow as we have given notice to move out of our place on 1 October.  In the meantime I am pondering our future bedroom.

I absolutely love this room.  The simplicity of it is just so calming.  Though if we ever found anything in London this size it would be a Christmas miracle.

I have planned for a grey room for the last while and have bought grey bedding and am in the process of making a grey patterned quilt (although honestly I haven’t moved beyond cutting out about two thirds of the squares).  However, I am wondering if the room will need a little something more and was thinking the hint of some colour would really add something.  Just the barest hint mind.

I am thinking a yellow or coral stripe in this blanket  and I have this yellow poster.  All other colour banned from our room?  Not sure if it is possible – we have a lot of books.  But a girl can dream…

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B.I.G. photos

29 Jul

I’ve been spotting rather large photos in some interior photos recently and am just loving the idea.  I would really love to do a large print of one of my own photos for our room for when we move.

The question is what sort of photo to go for street scene, interesting building, bunch of flowers or forest scene … so many options.  What do you think?

Sources: 1. Pia Ulin Photography; 2. The Selby; 3. Creative Flats