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Keep in touch

7 Jun


Incase you aren’t aware I have moved my “operation” over to a new blog.  There are still a few tweeks to be made but I am really proud of what is going on over there.

Also if you want to follow my new blog you can find me here:


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I’m moving

1 Jun

You might have noticed that I have been slightly erratic with my blogging here for the last little while (or not).  This is because I have been working on a new site focused on my photography. It isn’t quite finished yet (I’ve just badly prettified a template while my developer is finishing some bits off) but patience has never been my strongest virtue.  The reason I am sending you there before it is perfecto is because of something that I think is exciting.

So head on over.

Sunday along the Southbank

21 May

On Sunday T and I took a walk along the Southbank towards the Tate Modern to go and have a look at the Yayoi Kusama exhibit (more of which later).  These are just some photos I snapped while we wandered.

We walked from Waterloo Station towards the river between the Royal Festival Hall and the BFI.  I hadn’t spotted a series of mosaic pictures of ‘celebrities’ before.   I don’t know if I have just been unobservant and missed them or if they are new.  Anyone know?

We passed this rather dapper looking man looking at the books under the bridge.

Not a particularly interesting picture but not every day you see swans this far down on the Thames.

Someone had left a paper flower which I thought looked good with St Paul’s in the back.  And then I spotted the ladybird.

And then spotted the best grafitti I have ever seen in London.  I had my prime lense on so couldn’t zoom out to give you more setting to the picture.  Imagine a whole lot of bridge drawings to the left.  So funny.  I almost walked past without noticing but thought it seemed pretty strange when the word “Argos” caught my eye.

It felt like spring today

13 May

The sun was shining.

I went for a jog.

I had grapefruit for breakfast.

Had my first asparagus of the year.

And went for a picnic in our local park.


Have you all had a good weekend?

Cupcakes and Shhht

11 May

Today I headed down to Camden Market to check out my cousin’s new business venture with a friend of hers.  They have just started running a stall at the Lock market selling amazing cupcakes, fudge and cards with gorgeous hand drawn illustration.

The cupcakes are really yummy and come in a variety of flavours I had a lemon one (I am a bit obsessed with lemon at the moment) and had samples of apple crumble, pina colada and coffee (shh, don’t say anything).  I also got some peanut butter fudge.  The best part is that where possible they use organic and fairtrade products.  And if you buy the Boobies cupcake a portion of the sales goes to cancer research.  Guilt free treats no?

The message with the cards and the cupcakes is less the prettiness which has become the norm but a bit more edgy and quirky with sharp witty messages.  The name says it all.  I just love it.  Go and friend them on Facebook or Twitter.  Their website is coming soon.

Plus they had such a great display with hand lettered signs on wax paper and big vintage suitcases full of cupcakes.

I’ve put some more pictures over at my photography page on Facebook so head on over to have a look.