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Yayoi Kusama at Tate

28 May

A few weekends ago I went to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern.  To be honest I hadn’t heard about her before and so had no expectations about the exhibit.  She seems like a pretty interesting character.  She grew up in Japan and (I really love this) painted with house paints onto seed bags because she couldn’t get art supplies.  Message from that: Just make s**t happen!  Anyway she then moved to America and I can only imagine was high on something for most of the sixties and seventies hanging out with the likes of Andy Warhol and gang.  Eventually she moved back to Japan where she checked herself into a residential type hospital where I believe she still lives today.

The exhibition was really interesting following a chronological flow of her work.  Her early pieces were more abstract and then moved into both sculpture, film and other mediums which involved a lot of repetition of patterns or objects.  This lady loved spots!

There were several pieces which I really liked (like the one above) and I could even understand what her more abstract pieces were trying to say.

I would really recommend going (there is still a week left) if only for the last room in the exhibition which is a mirrored room with lots of hanging spots of light.  It sounds weird but is pretty awesome to find yourself in.


Sunday along the Southbank

21 May

On Sunday T and I took a walk along the Southbank towards the Tate Modern to go and have a look at the Yayoi Kusama exhibit (more of which later).  These are just some photos I snapped while we wandered.

We walked from Waterloo Station towards the river between the Royal Festival Hall and the BFI.  I hadn’t spotted a series of mosaic pictures of ‘celebrities’ before.   I don’t know if I have just been unobservant and missed them or if they are new.  Anyone know?

We passed this rather dapper looking man looking at the books under the bridge.

Not a particularly interesting picture but not every day you see swans this far down on the Thames.

Someone had left a paper flower which I thought looked good with St Paul’s in the back.  And then I spotted the ladybird.

And then spotted the best grafitti I have ever seen in London.  I had my prime lense on so couldn’t zoom out to give you more setting to the picture.  Imagine a whole lot of bridge drawings to the left.  So funny.  I almost walked past without noticing but thought it seemed pretty strange when the word “Argos” caught my eye.

Cupcakes and Shhht

11 May

Today I headed down to Camden Market to check out my cousin’s new business venture with a friend of hers.  They have just started running a stall at the Lock market selling amazing cupcakes, fudge and cards with gorgeous hand drawn illustration.

The cupcakes are really yummy and come in a variety of flavours I had a lemon one (I am a bit obsessed with lemon at the moment) and had samples of apple crumble, pina colada and coffee (shh, don’t say anything).  I also got some peanut butter fudge.  The best part is that where possible they use organic and fairtrade products.  And if you buy the Boobies cupcake a portion of the sales goes to cancer research.  Guilt free treats no?

The message with the cards and the cupcakes is less the prettiness which has become the norm but a bit more edgy and quirky with sharp witty messages.  The name says it all.  I just love it.  Go and friend them on Facebook or Twitter.  Their website is coming soon.

Plus they had such a great display with hand lettered signs on wax paper and big vintage suitcases full of cupcakes.

I’ve put some more pictures over at my photography page on Facebook so head on over to have a look.

Musical Week

1 May

Last week I saw not one but two West End musicals.  My Mum had got some theatre vouchers for Christmas and so I went with her to see Mamma Mia and Rock of Ages.  They were both really fun enjoyable shows but I think Rock of Ages was my favourite.  Some totally laugh out loud moments.  If you have a chance to go and see it I would definitely suggest it.

One thing I just want to put out on the internet, can someone please make a work out video with a musical theme.  There were some pretty active looking dance scenes in both shows and the ladies were slim and toned.  I think a musical work out would also be a great way to start the day because who doesn’t want Dancing Queen stuck in their head all day.

These are  just some Instagram photos from our outings.  I am always really impressed with stage sets and what they do with the limited space.  Rock of Ages was so detailed to even have bras hanging from the chandelier.


17 Apr

Saturday was a pretty chilled out didn’t do too much day.

Sunday I met some of my girlfriends for brunch and then toddled off to the Capital Carboot in Pimlico.  My main mission was to find work clothes for any temp administrative work that I might get.  And boy did I strike it lucky.

First up I got this navy Gap blazer which looks pretty unworn and this Miss Selfridge sheer blouse still with tags.

Then this amazing neon pink blaze.  I really love this it has no buttons and there is no collar with slightly ruched shoulders.  I think it might be silk or at least fake looking silk.  I think it would look great with a black jumper and black skinny trousers like this.

Then I picked up this jumper (which is by Jenni Button, a South African designer) and a Gap dress for £1.  I wasn’t sure it would fit and it is actually the top rather than the bottom which isn’t quite right and I might see about taking it to a tailor.  Anybody used a tailor before?  I have no idea how much it would cost.

Then once I had decided that I had spent enough (about £12!) I happened upon someone eyeing out a rug which I promptly picked up as soon as they had put it down, measured it with a measuring tape that was also for sale on the stand and walked away with this large Marks and Spencers, machine washable rug for £10!  It has a small stain but I think it shall go under the dinner table and then I won’t notice it so much.

It is a bit wrinkly now – do you think I can iron it?  It is 100% cotton so don’t see why not…